BUY NOW!  10% OFF SALE!   *Wholesale orders not included

BUY NOW!  10% OFF SALE!   *Wholesale orders not included

About the Author

  I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, and grew up helping my mom in the kitchen. The first time I made dinner by myself, I was eleven. Mom wasn't home when I diced an entire bulb of garlic (15-20 cloves), and added it to the Hamburger Stew, thinking it was an onion! No one finished their stew, and I never made that mistake again!

  Thankfully, I still enjoy cooking and baking. It makes the challenge of feeding my family of six less intimidating, since we have a variety of the food allergies listed on the back of this cookbook.

   The inspiration to create an allergy-free cookbook came from the many people I met over the years who struggled with food allergies-their family's, friends', or their own. Besides helping them find allergy-free products, I would share my recipes, tailoring them to fit their individual needs. I imagined how wonderful it would be for them to have an entire cookbook of allergy-fre recipes!

   Originally, this cookbook was going to be just that; a cookbook for people with food allergies. However, in the middle of writing it, I realized that what we needed even more was a cookbook for people without food allergies! Yes, you read that right. A cookbook anyone could use to cook and bake for people with food allergies. Too many times people with food allergies don't receive dinner invitations, and if they do, there's little or nothing they can eat.

   The Allergy Hospitality Cookbook changes all of that! Simply follow my instructions, and everyone will be eating and enjoying the delicious meals you make!

   Best Wishes,